Velvet Plush Comforte Urban KING SIZE


Velvet Plush Comforte, Supreme Sofness with Reverses to Sherpa for added Warmth. KING SIZE

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Delicious Blanket  with Reverses to Sherpa for added Warmth.

Highly thermal: Ideal for cold weather. They are not heavy, but they heat up what 3 or 4 traditional blankets cover

This Blanket soft touch: Ultra-soft microfiber fabric. Composition 100% Polyester.

Texturi soft: Beautiful fabrics with embossed textures extra-soft to the touch.

Bright color: Firm and vibrant colors. It does not fade over time offering more durability and beauty.

Dura-Fix: three-layer padding that helps the quilt does not deform and lasts much longer.

Reverse Borrega: Interior with fabric in imitation Borrega, super soft and warm.



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